Why I Became A Beautycounter Consultant

For the past 3 years, I’ve been on a mission for a cleaner, healthier lifestyle for me and my family. And this not only includes what we put in our bodies but also what we put on our bodies. I’ve been making body butters and flaxseed hair gel at home. But as you know, making products yourself can be a little time consuming. So, I’m always on the look out for beauty products that I can believe in. Cleaner, safer products… I came across Beautycounter recently from one of my favorite bloggers, Kate Kordsmeier from Root and Revel. She spoke highly of the company from its never list to its advocacy efforts. So, I had to take a closer look myself. Beautycounter’s mission statement alone made me want to dig deeper. Their goal is to get safer products into the hands of everyone! Safer products?! Wow!!!That’s exactly what I’m looking for! The more I researched, the more I loved about the company. They have this Never List. It’s a list consisting of products that they will never use in their products. These are over 1500 questionable or harmful chemicals! This includes the over 1,400 chemicals banned or restricted in personal care products by the European Union, plus additional chemicals screened by Beautycounter and found to be of concern. So, these are chemicals that are possibly used in our favorite beauty products. Not knowing that are we could be harming ourselves and the environment. Well the big question is, how can these other companies use such harmful ingredient?! It’s because the United States beauty industry isn’t well regulated. Actually, the U.S. has not passed a major federal law governing the cosmetics industry since 1938! So there are many harmful ingredient that have been slipping through the cracks for a long time. Too long!!! That’s why Beautycounter is the leading company advocating for more health-protective legislation across North America. Over the past six years, they have worked with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to ensure issues like ingredient review, labeling and recalls for products that cause harm are consumer safety priorities. This is exactly the type of company that I’ve been looking for. But how are the products??!! Of course, I had to try them out for myself. And I absolutely love them. They truly do not compromise product quality for safety. Their skincare line is amazing! From the cleansers to the moisturizers. One of my favorite products is the Brightening + Vitamin C Facial Oil. It brings out a beautiful glow to my skin. And it won the Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Award in 2017! The Color Intense Lipstick is also one of my favs. The colors are gorgeous and it leaves my lips moisturized and smooth. They also have products for kids and a line for men, Couterman. So many great products for everyone! This is why I decided to become a consultant. I want everyone I know, to know about this company!
People need to know that their are companies like Beautycounter making moves in the beauty industry. Moves to bring cleaner, safer products in the hands of everyone!!! But don’t just take my word for it, try out some of their products for yourself!

Check out the products!

If you have any questions or would like to try some samples, please send me a message. I will gladly assist you!!