A few years ago, I tried this very intense but effective workout plan. It was the one with the late night infomercials that had amazing after results. If you haven’t guessed already, it’s P90X. So yesterday, I decided to give it another try. Day 1 was chest and back along with ab ripper x. Yes, it kicked my butt! By the way, ab ripper x is 15 minutes of pure torture. LOL!! But I think I held my own with the chest and back exercises. This will be 90 days of getting my body in shape. This system includes plyometrics, yoga and kenpo along with other challenging yet effective exercises. I’m so excited about kicking my fitness up a notch. I’ll update after my first week.

Side note – I never finished the program the first time around. But now I’m motivated more than ever to be my best me.


My oldest daughter wasn’t feeling well a couple of weeks ago. She had a cough and a sore throat. I thought maybe it was just a cold until she had low energy and a slight fever. I took her to the doctor, which was unusually crowded. And my poor baby was diagnosed with the flu, Influenza B to be exact. I wasn’t terribly surprised because a few weeks prior, her brother came down with the flu. And they both were vaccinated! The good news was that it was a mild case of the flu. It didn’t take her totally out. Just a few days of rest. I, on the other hand, also came down with the flu. And it took me out for a few days. I could barely get out of the bed for the first two days. I had to force myself to eat and drink. This was my first time experiencing this awful virus. So I really didn’t know what to expect. My whole body ached, even my eyelashes. It was terrible!

My mission is to never let this happen again! And the flu shot is not the remedy. All of my kids have gotten the flu in spite of getting the flu shot. The cure is boosting our immune system. I know it’s easier said that done. But I know it can be done. Plant based, clean eating is a key factor. Supplements, herbs, essential oils, sleeping well, and a stress free, minimalist life will also be included. That influenza virus doesn’t stand a chance!