Vitamin D

Vitamin D
So every year I participate in the Blueprint for Wellness program that my job offers. It is a wellness screening that gives you a snapshot of your health. For the past few years, my vitamin D level has been below normal. Last year it was 16 ng/mL. The reference range is 30-100 ng/mL. Yes, 16 was super low! So I started taking Vitamin D3 supplements, spending a little more time in the sun, eating sardines and taking cod liver oil. Well, my level has increased to 54 ng/mL. What a big difference!!! I was so excited to see that jump.

Here is a little info about Vitamin D, also known as the Sunshine Vitamin…

Vitamin D is considered a pro hormone and not an actual vitamin. Vitamins are nutrients that cannot be created by the body and must be taken in through our diet. But Vitamin D can be synthesized by our body through sunlight.

How cool is that?!

It effects hormone balance and immune regulation. Vitamin D is also essential in maintaining the right levels of calcium and preserving bone strength.

According to Dr Axe, the top 10 sources of vitamin D as as follows..
1. Sunlight
2. Cod liver oil
3. Sardines
4. Salmon
5. Mackerel
6. Tuna
7. Raw milk
8. Caviar
9. Eggs
10. Mushrooms