Fell Off The Wagon

So, I fell off the Healthy wagon a couple of weeks ago. My husband made a Sam’s Club run and bought a car full of unhealthy junk food (Yes, I’m blaming him. Lol…) Well, maybe not a car full of junk. But you get my point. Haha… I’m still working on this temptation thing when it comes to sweets. So, I ate a “little” processed breads and sweets. And allowed my kids to have some, too. So guess what happened? My girls got sick and so did I!! It may have been a coincidence but I doubt it. We were doing so well until this little set back. I truly believe the processed, calorie filled, non nutritious foods weakened our immune systems. And it allowed the common cold virus to weasel its way into our bodies. Yes, it was just a cold but it still sucked. And we are still recovering.

So, back on the healthy train we go. I decided to increase our veggie intake and seriously limit our processed food intake. It’s hard to completely get rid of all processed foods but I’m working on it. I want the majority of our foods to come from nutrient dense foods. So we stocked up at Aldi’s with fruit and vegetables. I plan on evicting this cold virus out of our system. Hopefully, it goes well 🙂